Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm provides training options that meet the changing dynamics of today’s work environment.  We offer Individual, Group Training, and Government Solutions. Individual and Group Training is designed for Individual and small groups,  Corporate Training is primarily done for mid to higher-level management level, and Corporate, and Governments Solutions training is designed to train and certify Management Teams, Professional Development, and  Executive level training overviews.

AMCF offers a robust catalog of Information Technology, Professional Development, and Continuing Education Training.  We offer a variety of  IT Certification paths with certifications. Many of our courses are offered online but based on the number of enrollees we provide instructor lead on-site training as well, allowing for the flexibility you need.  We guaranteed access to the most current course materials and that all our instructor lead training courses are taught and aligned with experienced and qualified instructors.

Individual and Small Group Training

AMCF offers a variety of training solutions to groups and private companies. In today’s changing work environment employee training,  is an important process for every team in every business.  It’s critically important that your employees are all on the same page, armed with the knowledge and skills they need in order to do their jobs effectively.  With employees empowered  with knowledge, is an employee who can act with confidence and awareness of the risks, they’ll be less likely to make the kind of human error that could result in a breach.

Corporate Training

AMFC’s mission is to provide government employees with the knowledge, skills, and solutions to achieve success within their agency or department.  Cybersecurity awareness training should be an ongoing process and not only an annual requirement. Integrating Cybersecurity Awareness as part of the organization’s culture helps employees better understand company policies regarding internet security, and techniques.  A more informed employee can identify suspicious activity and email and prevent risk to the organizations.

Government Solutions


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