Bridge the Access Management Gap in Your Business’ Security Strategy

The shift to hybrid and remote work models has brought about new security challenges for businesses, especially with the rise in SaaS applications.

As workers spread across various locations, they’re exploring new tools to enhance collaboration. However, this growth in new tools and devices poses risks around access management and identity verification.

The problem lies in the unseen. Traditional security practices focused on protecting access tied to physical locations or company-managed devices are inadequate in today’s flexible work environment. Employees now work from anywhere, on any device, with various apps, approved or not.

Shadow IT poses significant risks. Studies show that many employees use unapproved applications and work on personal or public devices, leaving sensitive company information vulnerable.

The solution lies in a zero-trust security approach. However, traditional security tools fail to secure these invisible and unmanaged applications and devices.

Consider single sign-on (SSO), often seen as a robust solution. Yet, it cannot protect against Shadow IT apps and is often too costly to implement fully. This gap between what employees use and what traditional tools secure is called the access-trust gap, increasing the risk of data breaches.

IT teams struggle to implement a zero-trust model with inadequate tools, facing an ever-widening access-trust gap as new applications and devices access sensitive data.

Extended Access Management (XAM) addresses this challenge. It redefines identity and access management for the modern workplace, securing all managed or unmanaged applications and ensuring only healthy devices access them.

New tools like 1Password® Extended Access Management simplify user experience without compromising productivity, securing every sign-in for every app from every device, even those unmanaged by IT.

Legacy security solutions aren’t keeping pace with evolving work patterns. Organizations must adapt to secure unmanaged apps and devices in a world of hybrid and remote work. XAM offers solutions for the future of work, safeguarding against threats stemming from shadow IT and flexible work arrangements.


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