The month of April has a different meaning to everyone.  To some it means spring is in the air and to others it is the old cliché that April showers bring May Flowers.  I bet many of you did not know that April is International Guitar Month.  International Guitar Month is all about celebrating the delight of the sounds of Rock, Classical, Rap, Country or whatever other genres of music that you would love to create or listen toThis makes April the perfect time to Strike a  Chord of Change.  The year 2020  was anything but normal.   Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm (AMCF) has made a commitment to announce April as the month of constructive change.  Change includes but not limited to changes in your business, business strategy, growth and attitude towards self or others.   

Do you ACCEPT the Challenge to Strike a Chord of Change?   Share your change(s)  by responding to the BLOG of what actions you have committed to change.  No change is too small or too large.  I am looking  forward to hearing from you.


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