Information Security in the Automotive Industry

Embracing the era of connected cars, with features like 5G connectivity for self-driving capabilities and advanced navigation systems, brings numerous advantages. Yet, the surge in vehicle software has heightened cybersecurity concerns, making networked and semi-autonomous cars susceptible to cyber-attacks. Manufacturers globally are now striving to address these vulnerabilities, aiming to minimize the potential for accidents and injuries resulting from cyber threats.

Recognizing the inadequacy of existing industry standards for road vehicle cybersecurity engineering, a new approach was imperative. The previous standards needed more comprehensive coverage, leaving gaps in safeguarding against cybersecurity risks throughout the product life cycle in automotive development. Enter ISO 21434, a crucial standard designed to ensure that automotive cybersecurity is a pivotal consideration at every stage of development.

So, how does ISO 21434 impact automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers? Essentially, it urges them to integrate cybersecurity concerns and measures seamlessly into the entire product life cycle. Compliance involves demonstrating the implementation of recommended safeguards and thorough due diligence. ISO 21434 places the responsibility squarely on the manufacturer, requiring them to ensure the full coverage of the cybersecurity aspects throughout the supply chain.

ISO 21434 advocates for a ‘security and privacy first’ mindset, offering guidelines that span the entire product development lifecycle, following the V model. It outlines the integration of cybersecurity measures from requirement definition through design, implementation, testing, and operations to retirement. Risk assessments, identification of vulnerabilities, and rigorous testing become integral parts of complying with these guidelines.

In the intricate landscape of automotive development, adhering to various industry regulations while managing extensive software code is a considerable challenge. ISO 21434 lays down essential requirements for promoting cybersecurity in the automotive industry. To meet these requirements efficiently, having the right tooling in place is crucial. Codebeamer’s Automotive Template emerges as a valuable solution, streamlining compliance efforts and reducing time and costs. The template provides built-in domain knowledge, aligns with automotive systems engineering best practices, offers compliant workflows, and allows ample flexibility for customization.


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