Connie was showcased on “The Fire”! Which is a website that brings the stories of women around the world to your focus. It’s a self-funded project to make the world more inspiring and happier.

Connie was not ready to settle for a safe job within her comfort zone. She wanted to use her skills and vision to help more women. Connie’s experience comes from Technology career assignments and  Post-graduate studies.  She has a Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Security Leadership, and is a Certified Privacy Solutions Engineer. She has dedicated her time and expertise to mentoring and training those women interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology. She loves to learn new things. So she dedicated hours of her life to learning tech and became the President and CEO of Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm.

Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm provides effective IT solutions to some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. She has a great team that works towards their goal. Connie has been able to employ women and provide internships to women who are interested in learning it. She has helped build the career of many women in tech by giving them appropriate guidance, mentorship, and expertise.

Connie is also an active mentor of women in STEM programs. She now leads a life that aligns with her life goals. The flexibility and exposure gained from owning a business cannot be compared with anything else!

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